i'm sorry that i'm both your umbrella and the rain


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oldwish said:
once you receive this you have to publicly post 5 nice things you like about yourself and send to 10 of your favorite followers (✿◠‿◠)

ahhh darlene bb ;w; hehe

  1. i like my hair, any colour ranging from blonde to jet black look nice on me i think
  2. i have perfect pitch which is kinda useless now that i don’t study music anymore but it’s pretty cool i guess
  3. i’m pretty good at cooking and baking *u*
  4. i kinda have a weird dry messed up sense of humour and idk if this is anything to be proud of but i like it
  5. idk if this is something to be proud of either but i look good in white clothing like a lot of my friends say “wow it’s hard to look good in white” so idk? hmmm
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"Diet?! You don’t need to diet! You’re perfectly pretty as you are! And I really don’t want your prettiness to disappear by even one gram!”



say those three words and i’m yours

neon genesis evangelion

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블락비 (Block B)
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by Hannah Davis
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Kiko Mizuhara , Paris , Mar 2014


Kiko Mizuhara , Paris , Mar 2014

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